Chandra Grahan (Oct 2023)

A Lunar Eclipse - Khandagras Chandra Grahan will occur on 28 Oct. 2023, Saturday, Ashwin Shukla Paksh Purnima in Mesh (Aries) Moon sign and Ashwini Nakshatra. This Chandra Grahan will be visible from India including Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and East America.

Chandra Grahan will begin at 1:05 AM and end at 2:22 AM (IST). Sutak time of Grahan will be from 03:14 pm to 02:22 am (IST).

During Grahan, it's important to follow these traditional practices:
1. Maintain a calm and focused mind by minimizing distractions and unnecessary communication on Grahan Day.
2. Engage in spiritual activities like chanting Chandra Mantras, meditation, and prayer during the Grahan.
3. It's advisable to stay indoors during the Grahan, especially if you're pregnant.
4. Avoid consuming food prepared before the Grahan; either dispose of it or wait until the Grahan is over.
5. Protect your eyes by not looking directly at the Moon during the Grahan.
6. Try to avoid to start new projects or make important decisions on Grahan Day.
7. Try to avoid traveling during the Grahan.
8. It's advisable to avoid sexual activity during Grahan.
9. Take a bath after the Grahan to purify yourself.


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